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I ship my panties in an unmarked envelope.
used panties for sale




Important: Please Read Before Making a Purchase

I have ONE pair of each used panties shown below for sale. If you see something you like, order before someone else does!  Panties are sold on a first come, first serve basis.
I try to update my site to reflect something being sold, as soon as possible, but sometimes I'm away from my PC for the day, etc.  If you've purchased an already sold pair, you may pick another pair on my site, regardless of price, or you can pick something else or something similar, and I will include a verification photo for free! 
The shipping time of your order is directly related to how many panties were sold around the time yours was, and my ability to wear the panty during 'that time of the month'.  I wear every panty for 24 hours guaranteed, although more often then not, I choose to wear each pair longer then 24 hours. When I'm satisfied with how 'wet, worn, and played in' they are, then I send them out.  As always, please, please, please email me if you have any questions regarding this or your purchase. I love hearing from you all, so don't be shy!
 used panties for sale

A Photo In Your Panties!

One Personal Verification Photo
Want me to prove to you I'm the real deal?  I'll hold up a sign with your name on it, or a message, or whatever you want.
A custom photo is just and extra $5. Let me know that you would like to include it with your order in the form below!

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Victoria's Secret Light Green Satin & Silk G-String!



Victoria's Secret Beige Cotton G-String!



Victoria's Secret Satin Floral Full Panty!



Victoria's Secret White Silk and Lace Thong!



Purple Lace G-String!



Pussy Pop! Add this treat to your panty order or buy separately! US orders only for this. Sorry :(


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